Jalopy Showdown Swap Space Application 


Swap space for the Jalopy Showdown is first come first served for the regular vendor spots. We are not looking for large commercial large trailer type vendor. We are very happy with having the garage clean out and artists, and Mom & Pop hot rod related businesses fill the spaces. Spaces are approx. 10’ wide and 30’ deep and will be assigned. The spots are $50 each and get two people in and you can stay in your space overnight. Send a check payable to EMMR (Eastern Museum of Motor Racing) and if selected you will receive a parking pass and wristbands. If not selected you will receive your check back in the mail. No refunds, and as always rain or shine! Space is so limited and the pre-register helps us eliminate the guess work on show day. Thanks for your understanding and support of the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing! 

Name:_______________________________________ Address:______________________________________________ City:_________________________State:_______Zip:___________ Phone:_____________________ 

Total:_______________ Make check payable to EMMR 

Date check for 4-4-2018 and feel free to mail in anytime before due date and we will hold until then. Remember after April 4th apps will be returned! 

Mail To: Larry Garland Showdown Swap Space 

9 Maple St
Seven Valleys PA 17360 

Also don't forget the swap at EMMR between Fall Carlisle & Hershey! Cheap set up & no forms to fill out. Contact Jr Kelly for info 717-630-0776